5 Signs That You Have A Cockroach Problem At Home

5 Signs That You Have A Cockroach Problem At Home - Pharmcle Ph

Pharmcle Ph Roach Infestation

5 Signs That You Have A Cockroach Problem At Home

The only thing that exceeds the number of SIM cards per person in the Philippines is the cockroach. Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not there. 

Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures and prefer to stay active at night. In the daytime, they hide in the holes, cracks, and crevices in your home. 

They’re not finicky eaters and will forage everywhere to find food to eat. From the garbage cans to the sewers and inside your home. Cockroaches will eat anything – paper, plastic, aluminum, cloth, and animal fecal matter. 

And when these cockroaches enter your home, they’ll bring disease and bacteria from the trash bins, spoiled food, and fecal matter to your:

  • Dining table
  • Bed
  • Couch
  • Kitchen prep table
  • Plates
  • Drinking glasses
  • Coffee mugs

And onto the food they contaminate such as bread, fruits, pastries, rice, and other dishes that are left exposed in the open.

Every home has cockroaches. To avoid getting sick from the diseases they carry, cockroaches have to be eliminated. But how do you know that the situation in your home is worse – that you have a serious cockroach infestation problem?

Here are the 7 signs you need to look out for that indicate your home is infested with cockroaches.

1. Increasing Cockroach Sightings

If you see more cockroaches around your home, don’t ignore them. Cockroaches reproduce at a high rate. 

Cockroaches lay eggs in a hard shell called an ootheca one week after mating. In the Philippines, the predominant species of cockroach is the German cockroach which lays 40 eggs per ootheca. The gestation period for an ootheca is 28 days. 

On average, a female cockroach creates 1 ootheca every month for the next 10 months. 

Now, imagine if you’re sharing your home with a hundred cockroaches and 50% of them were female? Do the math and ask yourself if it’s perfectly fine to ignore roach sightings in your home.

2. Foul Odor

Cockroaches will defecate everywhere. With hundreds of these pests leaving their droppings wherever they please, in time, you’ll notice a musty, definitely foul-smelling odor in your home.

These droppings produce pheromones that attract more cockroaches to the area. In addition, these droppings will stain everything it lands on – your floor, clothes, tables, and bedsheets.

3. Appearance of Smear Marks

In areas that have a high level of humidity, cockroaches will release a black, irregular-shaped substance that can smear or tarnish your walls, floors, and furniture.

This substance is a type of excrement that cockroaches tend to secrete when in contact with a moist environment. 

4. Chew Marks on Items

When cockroaches are hungry, they’ll eat anything and chew through any material. You might be surprised to know that their bite can leave chew marks on packaging, leather, fabric, and harder materials.

5. Skin Sheddings

Cockroaches go through a number of stages leading up to adulthood. In each stage of the process, the cockroach will shed its skin. 

You might see skin sheddings in different areas and rooms in your house. That means a good number of cockroaches are nearing maturity – and some might be ready to sprout wings.

What To Do If Your Home Is Infested With Cockroaches

If you notice any of these signs in your home, you have to act right away and address the problem of a cockroach infestation. 

Spraying the premises with a commercial aerosol insecticide will only offer a short-term solution. Even if you empty an entire 500ml canister of the popular brand of insecticide, you won’t get rid of the roaches. 

They might not show up for a few days. But trust us, the roaches will be back before you can buy another canister of insecticide.

Worse, is that by spraying, you turn your home into a hazardous environment teeming with noxious and toxic chemicals that are harmful to your loved ones. 

In our article, “How ZAPS Is Changing The Way We Manage Our Pest Problem”, we summarized the health risks of spraying with aerosol insecticides. These risks include developing cancer, tumors, respiratory problems, and gastrointestinal problems.

A better option would be to use non-toxic pesticides that solve the problem by going directly to the source of infestation – the hiding place of cockroaches or the intrusion.

ZAPS Whitefence And ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel – Your Home Defense And Offense

Pharmcle Ph Dead Roach 2
Actual image of cockroach killed after crossing ZAPS Whitefence - Check our FB Page.

Pharmcle Philippines has 2 products that are specifically designed to kill cockroaches:

  1. ZAPS Whitefence 
  2. ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel

What makes these products different and more effective than the traditional aerosol spray?

  • Non-toxic; Pharmcle is ISO-14001 certified for complying with world-class environmentally safe processes. You won’t inhale noxious and toxic fumes in your home.
  • Efficient; a single application of ZAPS Whitefence will remain effective for 2 weeks. 

ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel is formulated to have a “continuous killing effect”. Cockroaches that feed on roaches killed by ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel will absorb the poison and die.

  • Effective long-term solution; Cockroaches that enter the Whitefence for the next 2 weeks will die. Cockroaches that die within their hiding place will spread the poison to the rest of the intrusion.

How To Use ZAPS Whitefence And ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel In Your Home

Using both ZAPS Whitefence and ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel will give your home Fort Knox-type of protection against cockroaches.

Think of ZAPS Whitefence as your home perimeter defense – the first line of defense versus cockroaches that find their way into your home. 

Spray ZAPS Whitefence in these areas in and around your home:

  • Entry doorways.
  • Around drainages.
  • Inside cracks and crevices. 
  • Around the perimeter of your trash bins.
  • Alongside walls that are covered by furniture such as the couch, tables, and chairs.
  • Alongside the walls of the pantry room.
  • Alongside the wall behind the shoe cabinet.
  • Alongside the wall behind your computer or work table.

ZAPS Whitefence will emit a poisonous foam-like substance that will vanish within 10 minutes from application. You won’t see the foam anymore – but the chemicals will remain active. 

Every morning, you’ll be greeted by several bodies of dead roaches that unknowingly entered the “Whitefence of Death”.

With ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel, you go on the offense!

ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel is formulated with fipronil – a poison that’s flavored to be irresistible to cockroaches. You only need a small amount of ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel to go on a giant cockroach killing spree. 

Squeeze out a small amount of ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel inside or on these areas of your home:

  • Inside cracks and crevices found on the walls.
  • Under the refrigerator.
  • Under the bed.
  • Under the couch.
  • Under the kitchen sink.
  • Under the shelving tiers.

You can squeeze out the gel and place it on pieces of cardboard or flat container covers so you can slip it under the above-mentioned locations. 

If you check out our Facebook page, we’ve posted images and videos of ZAPS Whitefence and ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel at work. These images and videos were sent by customers who were happy with the results they got from our products.


What will life be like when you have ZAPS Whitefence and ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel defending your home from cockroaches?

  • No more foul smell from cockroach poop
  • No risk of acquiring diseases such as salmonella, e.coli, and campylobacter.
  • No risk of baby cockroaches entering your ears! 
  • No more cockroaches crawling up your leg.
  • No cockroaches flying around your room while you’re watching Netflix.
  • No more inhaling toxic fumes from aerosol insecticides. 
  • No more getting your blood pressure rising as you chase around a cockroach with your slipper.

With ZAPS Whitefence and ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel, you get to chill out and relax in your home while these non-toxic, safe-for-pets-and-on-floors products go to work.

You can only buy ZAPS Whitefence and ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel at Pharmcle Philippines. Get your stocks by clicking this link.

ZAPS is the number one brand of pesticides in Korea.

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