ZAPS Teme Tablet

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ZAPS Teme Tablet

Application Mosquito larvae control A.I. Temephos 1% Appearance Gray ~ Brown Tablet Package 100g Expiry date 36 months from manufacturing date Protect your home from dengue-carrying mosquitoes by killing them at the source. ZAPS Teme Tablet was developed to kill mosquito larvae that are breeding in your septic tank. Simply flush 2 pieces of ZAPS …

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Application Mosquito larvae control A.I. Temephos 20% Appearance yellow liquid Package 500mL Expiry date 24 months from manufacturing date ZAPS Teme EC was developed as a powerful larvacide for large-sized commercial and industrial businesses such as malls, hospitals, schools, manufacturing, hotels, and resorts. For a septic tank with 1 ton of water, all you need …

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