FAQ - Pharmcle Ph

No, you only need to flush 2 pieces of ZAPS Teme Tablet in ONE TOILET to get the full mosquito larvae-killing power of this product.

Yes, ZAPS Delta EC is formulated to kill garden pests without harming your plants. ZAPS Delta EC has been proven effective versus aphids, red spiders, Japanese Beetles, and other notorious plant insects.

The household ZAPS products such as ZAPS Ant Granule, ZAPS Whitefence, and ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel have been tested and declared as generally safe for pets if these products are accidentally ingested.

However, if you notice that your pet isn’t behaving normally, we recommend bringing the animal to the veterinarian right away.

The other products such as ZAPS Delta EC and ZAPS Teme EC have been developed for commercial and industrial use and have higher concentrations of chemicals. Although, these products can be used at home to kill pests, make sure they are closed and stored away properly.

ZAPS Whitefence will naturally vanish over a period of 2 weeks and has been tested to be safe on different types of surfaces. It will not stain your flooring.

First, squeeze out a small amount of ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel into a container. Then, place the container underneath the refrigerator or kitchen sink.

We recommend using only small amounts of this powerful product in many places rather than using large amounts of ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel in many places.

Please email a Letter of Intent to info@pharmcle.ph and address it to Ms. Audrey Mendoza, Coordinator for Pharmcle Philippines Inc. Ms, Audrey will send you all the information you need to become a ZAPS dealer.