Miracle In A Bottle:
Pharmcle’s 40-Year History Of Making
Households And Businesses Safer, Cleaner, And Healthier

Miracle In A Bottle: Pharmcle’s 40-Year History Of Making Households And Businesses Safer, Cleaner, And Healthier - Pharmcle Ph

Pharmcle South Korea Office Photo

In South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and other countries in Southeast Asia, the name Pharmcle is synonymous with world-class products that have been proven effective for pest control and disinfection.

Pharmcle Co. Ltd. has been successfully ridding households and business establishments of pests for the past 40 years.

It’s the number one brand for household and commercial insecticide products in Korea. Pharmcle is also the recognized leader for introducing innovative pest control and disinfection solutions that conform with environmental-protection standards.

And now – Pharmcle is finally in the Philippines!

A Brief History Of Pharmcle

Pharmcle Philippines
The people behind Pharmcle Philippines. Clockwise from behind: Alex Araneta; Vice-President, Richard Hong; President, Ricky Sare, Director for Marketing, and Nano Cacho; Director for Sales.

Jeonwoo Pharmaceuticals was established in 1976. It was renamed Pharmcle Co. Ltd in 1989 as the company shifted its focus toward manufacturing insecticides for pest control service providers.

Pharmcle continued to expand its business in the new millennium as it entered into a dealership contract with Bayer Crop Science. Once the agreement was in place, Pharmcle opened its R&D Department to develop insecticides and disinfectant products as well as to design pest control equipment.

In the year 2000, Pharmcle acquired the quasi-division of CESCO and launched ZAPS and FX; its brands for the household insecticide market.

Other milestones in the 40-year history of Pharmcle Co. Ltd include:

  • Became a member of the Korean International Trade Association in 1999.
  • Registered as a cultural asset establishment business in 2000.
  • Received a plaque of appreciation from the Korean Red Cross in 2005.
  • Awarded a citation from the Minister of Health and Welfare in 2005.
  • Introduced Korea’s first rodenticide “Storm” in 2006.
  • Became the number 1 supplier for Pest Control products in Korea in 2006.
  • Received ISO-9001/14001 certification in 2007
  • Introduce “Outdoor Mist” – the first multi-purpose repellent for mosquitoes, chigger mites, and Haemaphysalis longicornis ticks.
  • Acquired #1 market share for private quarantine companies and government quarantine products in 2008.
Pharmcle Philippines Inc. was established in 2019 with the principal office located at Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City.
If you’re wondering what Pharmcle stands for – it’s a portmanteau – or a combination of 2 words: “Pharmaceutical” and “Miracle”.

Pharmcle’s Objective: Make Homes And Businesses Safer, Cleaner, And Healthier

Pharmcle’s exponential growth over the last 40 years wasn’t a stroke of good luck.

The company charted its growth trajectory by identifying niches where it can introduce innovative products that effectively provided long-term solutions for pest control and disinfection.

Think about it.

How do you kill pests in your home and office?

  1. Aerosol Spray
  2. Chalk
  3. Mosquito Coil
  4. Pellets
  5. Slippers
  6. All of the above

These methods are messy, inconvenient, and unhealthy for you and the environment. They are also short-term or “band-aid” solutions. Yes, you can kill the pests – but you don’t get to eliminate them for good.

    Because these traditional methods of killing pests are ineffective, inefficient, and unsustainable, they are also not cost-effective.

    Unless you eliminate the source of the pest problem, you will continue to spray, use chalk, spread pellets, and smash pests with your slippers.

      The more you use these types of products – aerosol spray, chalk, and pellets – the higher your monthly grocery bill. The only ones who benefit are the manufacturers of the aerosol spray, chalk, and pellets.

        For this reason, the insecticide market in the Philippines became a US$4.5 Billion industry in 2017 and is expected to grow to US$19 Billion in 2022.

          Meanwhile, the pest problem at your home or office remains. In fact, diseases such as Dengue, Malaria, and Yellow Fever remain serious problems in the Philippines.

          Pharmcle is about to change all of that by offering products that tilt the balance of power back to the consumer while significantly reducing the incidences of contracting dangerous diseases.

          10 Reasons Why ZAPS Is Better Than Other Pest Control Products

          ZAPS TEME Tablet for Mosquitoes
          ZAPS Teme Tablet for mosquitoes
          ZAPS Delta EC for various insects
          ZAPS Delta EC for various insects

          In 2021, Pharmcle Philippines will formally launch its ZAPS brands of insecticides in the Philippines. ZAPS products cater to both the consumer and commercial markets.

          What makes the ZAPS line of pest control products better than the brands you have in your stockroom?

          1. ZAPS is priced more affordable; budget-friendly. Not convinced? Visit our e-commerce site by clicking this link
          2. Efficient and effective; a single application remains effective for weeks – even months.
          3. Yes, they can kill on contact but ZAPS products are designed to eliminate the pest problem at the source.
          4. ZAPS products are not messy to use.
          5. There are no aerosols that emit noxious fumes.
          6. Easy to use.
          7. Easy to clean.
          8. Convenient to bring around; make ZAPS Whitefence a standard item whenever you have picnics.
          9. ZAPS products have been tested and certified by government agencies as safe for the environment.
          10. Do you have pets in your home? No problem! ZAPS is safe for pets.
          ZAPS Whitefence for roaches
          ZAPS Whitefence for roaches
          ZAPS Teme EC for Mosquitoes
          ZAPS Teme EC for mosquitoes

          When developing the ZAPS products, Pharmcle took into consideration the 5 basic requirements of the consumer for a pest control product:

          • Pricing; budget-friendly
          • Effectiveness
          • Ease of use
          • Convenience
          • Safety

          Look into your stockroom right now. Go over each of the pest control products that you have. Ask yourself:

          “Do they meet my 5 basic requirements for a pest control product?”

          Before you purchase any product, we encourage you to spend some time doing research. Please feel free to visit the products page on our website. Find out more about the ZAPS line of insecticides. Pharmcle Philippines is also on Facebook.

          • Compare our prices with the brands you buy. How much do you spend on pest control products every month?
          • Compare the application of our products; how often do you use the pest control products in your home?
          • Do you feel nauseous or leave the room whenever you use aerosol?
          • Do you still have a pest problem in your home?
          • Did your pet get sick when it accidentally ingested a pellet or the chalk?
          Remember: Pharmcle has been in the business of developing effective, high-quality insecticides and disinfection products for more than 40 years. It’s not a startup that’s trying to make a name for itself in the industry.
          Pharmcle is the number one brand in Korea!
          ZAPS Pharmcle Philippines Logo

          Pharmcle Philippines is the manufacturer and importer of ZAPS brand of insecticides and disinfectant products – the brand you can trust!

          How can Pharmcle offer all of these benefits to you? What is the Pharmcle advantage?

          Simple, because Pharmcle is the manufacturer and distributor of these scientifically-tested and proven insecticide and disinfectant products. As the manufacturer, Pharmcle can assure you of the quality of the ingredients and the efficiency of the production process while keeping costs down. 

          To know for sure, test Pharmcle products at your home or office. Visit the e-commerce page and place your orders. We can have the products delivered to your home within 24 hours. 

          100% sure you won’t be disappointed with the results!

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