ZAPS Ant Granule

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ZAPS Ant Granule

ZAPS Ant Granule
ApplicationControl for Ants
A.I.Hydramethylnon 1.0%
AppearanceBrown granules
Package1g x 6 units (blister pack)
Expiry date36 months from manufacturing date

ZAPS Ant Granule will eliminate the ant problem in your home or office by destroying the colony. The granules contain a poison that is formulated to be irresistible to ants.

Simply place a blister pack or a small amount of ZAPS Ant Granule in areas frequented by ants. Slowly, the ants will bring the granules to the colony as food.  Within 1-2 weeks, the colony including the Queen Ant will be wiped out.

About ZAPS Ant Granule

  • Effective for a wide variety of ants.
  • Active Ingredient is Hydramethylnon 1.0%.
  • Available in boxes of 6 blister packs or 250g bottle. 
  • Safe for pets if accidentally ingested.