ZAPS Catchman Trap

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ZAPS Catchman Trap

Pharmcle Ph ZAPS Catchman Termite Trap Image

Effects: Relief from termite
Active ingredient: Bistrifluron 10%
Package Unit: Bistrifluron 2.6g, triangular trap 10 pieces
Expiration date: 24 months from manufacturing date

+ Features of ZAPS Termite-Trap
01 Use of special materials and chemicals
ZAPS Termite-Trap easily attracts by using special ingredients and make the termites eat poisoned food.
It is harmless to human body and contains eco-friendly attractants developed by Pharmcle’s own technical skills.
As the active ingredient faces the wall paper, floor or corners of your room, the trap is safe to use inside a house.
02 Chain-insecticidal effect
The termites which are poisoned go back to their habitat and share the ingredient with other termites, which result in chain-insecticidal effect.
03 Tailored design to attract termites
The trap is designed as triangular shape which is suitable or for termites to approach.

+ How to use
01 Add water to the marking line of chemical container an shake well.
02 Soak the white wick of triangular trap by injecting the mixed liquid.
03 Attach it to a place where termite is expected to live
* Replace the traps one a month