Zaps Ultra Prime Gel

Zaps Ultra Prime Gel - Pharmcle Ph

Zaps Ultra Prime Gel

Pharmcle Ph ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel
ApplicationControl for cockroaches
A.I.Fipronil 0.031%
AppearanceBrown gel
PackageSyringe 35g
Expiry date36 months from manufacturing date

ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel is an easy, non-messy, and proven effective way of ridding your home of disease-carrying cockroaches.

Simply squeeze out a bit of ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel in areas that are populated by cockroaches such as holes, wall cracks, and damp areas. The gel is formulated to be irresistible to cockroaches and will kill them immediately.

Likewise, cockroaches that feast on the dead roaches will get the full effect of the poison and die.

About ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel

  • Fast-killing effect.
  • Active Ingredient is Fipronil 0.031%.
  • Safe for pets if accidentally ingested.