ZAPS Teme-EC - Pharmcle Ph


Pharmcle Ph ZAPS Teme-Ec
ApplicationMosquito larvae control
A.I.Temephos 20%
Appearanceyellow liquid
Expiry date24 months from manufacturing date

ZAPS Teme EC was developed as a powerful larvacide for large-sized commercial and industrial businesses such as malls, hospitals, schools, manufacturing, hotels, and resorts.

For a septic tank with 1 ton of water, all you need is to add 10ml of ZAPS Teme EC to eliminate mosquito larvae that are breeding. ZAPS Teme EC’s killing effect will continue for the next 5 weeks.

About ZAPS Teme EC

  • Effective for all types of mosquitoes.
  • Classified as EPA grade III 
  • WHO III low toxic product.


Target pest Use concentration Dilution factor Application ratio (mL/㎡)
If water is 5cm deep If water is 10cm deep
Mosquito larvae 0.5-1.0 ppm 100-fold
(Add 10mL of this product to 1L of water)
11.25~22.5mL 22.5~45mL