Should You DIY Pest Control Or Hire Professional Pest Control Services?

Should You DIY Pest Control Or Hire Professional Pest Control Services? - Pharmcle Ph

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Should You DIY Pest Control Or Hire Professional Pest Control Services?

Professional pest control service providers are great at what they do. If you want to annihilate insects from your home, they’re the people you call. Businesses that are inconvenienced by cockroaches and ants such as restaurants, hotels, and warehouses need to call in the “Big Guns” because they have the knowledge and experience to carry out large-scale pest control measures efficiently. 

Remember that you get what you pay for. Hiring the best professional pest control service providers will surely eliminate pests but they come at a price. Some households and businesses might not be able to sustain the expense. 

Last March 16, 2020, the world woke up to a different time- the age of the new normal. 

The home has become more than just a place to lie our weary heads upon. It has become our office, school, and refuge from the threat of COVID-19. 

The decision to have our homes serviced by professionals is no longer cut and dry. There are quarantine restrictions. As homeowners, you have to be assured that people coming inside your home aren’t infected. 

One simple decision – “Should I have my home serviced by professional pest control companies?”

So many variables to consider:

  • Quarantine restrictions
  • Health status of pest control providers
  • Inconveniences – household members who are under 18 and over 65 cannot leave the house during fumigation.

The obvious course of action is to go DIY or Do-It-Yourself. 

But is it possible? 

Will it be effective and sustainable? 

Why Going DIY Is The New Normal In Pest Control

Let’s get a few facts straight:

  • COVID-19 is here to stay for the next few years.
  • There won’t be enough vaccines to vaccinate every Filipino for the next 2-3 years.
  • Dengue remains the number one killer among transferable infections. 
  • Food-borne diseases are carried by cockroaches, ants, and flies. 

What these facts tell us is that the New Normal – where people are urged to work and study at home – will be the Normal for at least 3 more years. 

Of course, the more time people spend at home the higher the chances of pest infestation. 

According to a 2020 survey conducted by Statista, 71% of Filipinos preferred to order food deliveries because of quarantine restrictions.  More food deliveries mean more garbage and consequently, more pests. 

However, the lockdowns have exacted an economic toll on the economy:

  • The Philippine economy lost Php3.1 Trillion during the first lockdown.
  • 27.7 million Filipinos have lost their jobs. 
  • 70% of SMEs (Small Medium-scale Enterprises) in the Philippines have closed down or have cash flow problems. 

Many Filipinos are experiencing cash flow problems. Consumers have to find ways to stretch their monthly household budgets. 

How can they fit in pest control if money is tight? 

Do-It-Yourself or DIY pest control is the most feasible solution. They can save money and get rid of pests at the same time. 

But the questions remain:

  • Is it possible?
  • Is DIY effective and sustainable?

ZAPS - The Best DIY Pest Control Solution For Households

The ubiquitous aerosol sprayer-insecticide is part of the monthly budget. Whenever there are mosquitoes within the premises, cockroaches are running across the dining tables, or ants are seen foraging for food in the walls, everyone reaches out for the aerosol sprayer.

The popular sprayer in the market costs more than 1,000 Pesos per liter. These types of sprayers release noxious and toxic fumes that have been proven by studies to cause cancer, especially in children and women. 

Then you have the chalk, lotions, and plug-ins which function to repel pests, not kill them. 

These are the DIY pest control solutions that are available in the commercial market today. 

Unfortunately, these products only produce short-term results. To eliminate the pest problem, you have to go to the source – the breeding grounds, the hiding places of the intrusion, and the colony.

With the ZAPS line of DIY products, homeowners now have the means to reach the nesting grounds of these pests and kill them before the problem becomes a full-blown infestation. 

And ZAPS products are very easy and simple to use. No-fuss, no mess, no problem!

5 Reasons To Choose ZAPS As Your DIY Solution

Pharmcle introduced ZAPS to the Korean pest control market in the year 2000. The ZAPS line of insecticides included products that enabled homeowners in Korea to conduct DIY pest control measures with the same effectiveness as professional pest control service providers. 

In 2006, ZAPS became the #1 brand for pest control products in Korea’s consumer and industrial markets. 

In 2019, Pharmcle Co. Ltd decided to open an office in the Philippines – Pharmcle Philippines Incorporated. 

Today, the ZAPS line of pest control products and disinfectants is available for consumers in the Philippines. Many of our products such as ZAPS Whitefence and ZAPS Teme Tablet have been regarded as “novel” or unique by the FDA.

There are no products like ZAPS in the Philippine pest control market!

So why should you choose ZAPS as your primary DIY pest control solution?

1. Proven Track Record in the Korean Pest Control Industry

Although ZAPS has been in the pest control industry for only 20 years, Pharmcle has been in the business for more than 40 years. The company has received many accolades during those years:

  • Accepted as a member of the Korean International Trade Association in 1999.
  • Recognized as a cultural asset establishment business in 2000.
  • Awarded with a Plaque of Recognition from the Korean Red Cross in 2005.
  • Became the #1 Supplier of Pest Control Products in Korea in 2006.
  • Certified, ISO-9001 for Quality Management.
  • Certified, ISO-14001 for Environmental Management.
  • R&D Division received an award for Technological Innovation for SMEs.

The strength of the brand is only as strong as the reputation of the company behind it. 

Further proof of Pharmcle’s solid reputation in the chemical industry is that Lanxess-Germany authorized Pharmcle to manufacture Rely+On Virkon for Asia. 

Rely+On Virkon is a powerful, broad-spectrum disinfectant that has been proven effective against 31 types of viruses, bacteria, and pathogens including the coronavirus. 

ZAPS Rely+On Virkon is the first and only disinfectant that’s approved by the Korean Center for Disease Control against COVID-19. And South Korea has been a role model on how to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. 

2. Environmentally-friendly Operations

We already mentioned in the preceding section that Pharmcle has acquired an ISO-14001 certification for Environmental Management. 

Receiving an ISO-14001 certification means that Pharmcle has met very stringent standards to ensure its processes don’t negatively impact the environment and comply with environmental laws, regulations, and requirements. 

Products such as ZAPS Teme Tablet and ZAPS Teme EC which are designed to kill mosquito and fly larvae are safe for aquatic life assuming you strictly follow the directions on their applications. 

ZAPS Delta EC, an insecticide that’s effective against a wide variety of flying and crawling insects can be safely used to eliminate garden pests without harming plants. 

ZAPS Rely+On Virkon can be safely disposed of at drainage systems that lead to a foul sewer, but not to surface waters. Of course, it’s always better to check first with your local government and find out its procedures for disposing of chemicals.

3. Easy to Use

Pharmcle Ph ZAPS Ant Granule in Blister Pack
ZAPS Ant Granule in Blister Pack

Pharmcle designed its line of ZAPS insecticides to be safe and easy-to-use for homeowners. With the exception of the cockroach-killing ZAPS Whitefence, Pharmcle’s ZAPS DIY products don’t require spraying. 

  • ZAPS Teme Tablet – Flush 2 tablets down your toilet and the Temephos 1% solution will go to work right away by killing mosquito and fly larvae in your septic tank.
  • ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel – Squeeze a small amount of ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel in holes and cracks in the wall and other spaces frequented by cockroaches. 
  • ZAPS Ant Granule – Place a blister pack of ZAPS Ant Granule in areas where ants are seen foraging for food. 

Not only are ZAPS DIY pest control products convenient and easy-to-use, but they are also all non-messy. No clean-ups are needed. Even with ZAPS Whitefence, the foam will naturally vanish within 14 days.

4. Long-lasting Effect

ZAPS products also have a long-lasting effect. A single application will continue to work and kill pests for several weeks:

  • ZAPS Teme Tablet – 5 weeks
  • ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel – 4 weeks
  • ZAPS Whitefence – 2 weeks
  • ZAPS Ant Granule – 4 weeks
  • ZAPS Catchman Termite Trap – 2 weeks

With an aerosol insecticide, the effectiveness of spraying may only last for one day. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, and flies will persist because the sources of origin – the breeding grounds and hiding places – remain. 

5. Save More Money

The long-lasting, residual effect of ZAPS DIY pest control products saves you more money. 

Pharmcle Ph ZAPS Teme Tablet
ZAPS Teme Tablet

For example, a bottle of ZAPS Teme Tablet has 32 tablets. Assuming you use 2 tablets every 5 weeks, a bottle of ZAPS Teme Tablet will last you 20 months or 1 year and 8 months!

At 365 Pesos per bottle of ZAPS Teme Tablet, on average, you’ll only spend 18.25 Pesos per month for getting rid of mosquitoes!

You can do the Math on the other ZAPS products and you’ll see how much money you’ll save every month on pest control.


To be clear, we’re not discouraging you from hiring pest control specialists. Of course, these are professionals who have the equipment, expertise, and experience to eliminate insects and rodents in your home. 

If the pest problem is getting out of control and your budget can accommodate the expense, then, by all means, hire a professional pest control company to do the job. 

Our purpose in writing this article is to inform you that DIY pest control – effective DIY pest control or one that offers long-term solutions that are sustainable and affordable – is now possible with ZAPS. 

If your monthly budget is tight and you need pest control done, simply visit our online shop and choose the ZAPS product that fits your needs:

We also have products for professional pest control operators such as ZAPS Delta EC and ZAPS Teme EC. These are highly-concentrated chemicals that are ideal for industrial or B2B customers. 

Our ZAPS DIY products can also benefit professional pest control service companies by diversifying their product line. 

If you’re getting fewer appointments for pest control because your customers are worried about outdoor contact, you can sell our DIY products directly to them or from your website.

Pharmcle Ph ZAPS Rely+On Virkon
ZAPS Rely+On Virkon

Include ZAPS Rely+On Virkon in your product menu and give your customers the opportunity to own the most complete disinfectant in the world.

With ZAPS, DIY pest control has become easier, more convenient, affordable, and most importantly, effective and reliable.

And if you enjoyed this article, feel free to share it with your friends and family!

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