Why Pest Control Is Important For Your Business

Why Pest Control Is Important For Your Business - Pharmcle Ph

Pharmcle Ph Why Pest Control Is Important For Your Business

Why Pest Control Is Important For Your Business

In 1998, my family opened a restaurant at a mall in Muntinlupa, Alabang.  We were packed during the weekends. Typically, we’d set up long tables good for families of 10-15. 

Similar to other restaurants at the time, we put up a bottomless soft drink counter. The dispensing station provided by the supplier had a built-in ice maker. 

I lost count of how many complaints we received from customers who found little cockroaches inside their soft drinks. 

The supplier conducted an investigation and concluded that the roaches were finding their way inside the dispenser through the ice maker. The dispensing machines were not air-tight. 

It was a good thing that there were no social media networks back then. Otherwise, our reputation would have been destroyed. Still, the incidents were bad enough and happened with a frequency that affected our sales. 

Pests Are Bad For Business

Pharmcle Ph Pests Are Bad For Business

Pest problems don’t only plague restaurants. Any type of business can be affected. 

Imagine transacting with a bank teller and a big, fat cockroach comes crawling across the counter. 

You’re watching the latest Marvel movie at the cinema and ants crawl up your pants. 

Worse, and I’ve seen this happen – the lights come up and as the cleaning crew begins to clean the movie house, a rat as big as a cat runs out from under one of the seats. 

And it’s not just the shock factor you have to be worried about. If not addressed, these pests can make your customers or clients sick. 

Ants, cockroaches, and rats forage for food from garbage cans, sewers, and toilets. They are literally covered by bacteria and can contaminate the surfaces that they crawl on. 

You don’t know it but your tables, chairs, countertops, doorknobs, and railings can be contaminated with deadly bacteria such as salmonella, e. Coli, and campylobacter. 

Do you own an office? Cockroaches, ants, and rats love to hang out in your pantry. With snacks stored on the shelves, food debris, and trash everywhere, the office pantry is like an all-day buffet in Las Vegas for these pests.  

Your employees can get sick if they come in contact with contaminated surfaces, utensils, or drinking glasses. 

And let’s not forget the deadliest creature on earth according to the Center for Disease Control – the Mosquito. 

The mosquito causes hundreds of thousands of deaths around the world because it carries and transmits various deadly diseases such as dengue, yellow fever, Zika, and the West Nile Virus to name a few. 

Mosquitoes are everywhere. They breed in areas that provide water sources to nurture larvae.

If a dengue outbreak happens in your business, the health agency can shut you down. You might be found liable for the medical bills of your employees and customers. 

If you own a school and children get sick with Dengue, trust that the parents and health authorities will come after you. 

Home-Based Businesses Are Also At Risk Of Pest Infestation

Pharmcle Ph Home-Based Businesses Are Also At Risk Of Pest Infestation

Because of the global pandemic, more people are working from home. Businesses have also incorporated telecommuting or remote working arrangements with their employees.

Think you’re safe because you’re working from home? 

According to a study conducted by Rakuten Insight, since the pandemic started, 71% of Filipinos preferred to have food delivered to their homes. 

More food deliveries mean:

  • More garbage
  • Excess paper 
  • More cardboard boxes

These things attract more pests to your home. We know about garbage but paper products and cardboard boxes are used by roaches to leave a scent that attracts other roaches. 

There’s also been a notable increase in the number of service-oriented businesses setting up within neighborhoods. These businesses include water refilling stations, car wash shops, and restaurants. 

This means more sources of water for mosquitoes to breed larvae. Your neighborhood could experience more mosquito sightings compared to previous years.

The fastest solution would be to contact your friendly neighborhood pest control services provider. 

But if you’re hesitant to bring outsiders into your business establishment or home, another equally effective solution is to perform DIY pest control by using ZAPS pest control products.

How ZAPS Can Zap The Pest Problem

When we see pests, the first reaction is to reach for the aerosol insecticide. That’s what we were taught by our parents and how we have been conditioned by mass media. 

The problem is that these types of insecticides offer short-term solutions because they don’t address the root of the problem – the lair or hiding place of the pest. 

Secondly, the chemicals that are sprayed into the air are highly toxic and have been studied to cause certain types of cancer. 

If not the insecticide, we reach for the slipper and go smashing around until the pest is dead. 

Pharmcle developed its ZAPS brand of insecticides to provide consumers products with the following advantages:

  • Offer long-term, sustainable solutions by attacking the root or the source of the pest problem.
  • Applied with methods that do not involve the release of toxic, cancer-causing chemicals into the environment. 
  • Cost-effective and highly efficient; a single application will continue to kill pests for weeks or months. 

Presently, Pharmcle has 4 products that are available as DIY pest control solutions for your business.

1. ZAPS Teme Tablet – The Mosquito and Fly Solution

  • The Active Ingredient is Temephos 2%; a powerful chemical that’s been proven to be effective in killing mosquito and fly larvae. 
  • Simply FLUSH 2 pieces of ZAPS Teme Tablet down your toilet. The larvicide will go to work right away by killing all the larvae in your septic tank.
  • ZAPS Teme Tablet will continue to kill mosquito larvae for up to 5 weeks. 

2. ZAPS Ant Granule – Wipes Out the Colony by Killing the Queen Ant

  • The Active Ingredient is Hydramethylnon 1% in granular form to make it easy for the ants to carry the bait back to the colony.
  • The slow-killing formula prevents the Queen Ant from laying more eggs to maintain the numbers of the colony.
  • ZAPS Ant Granule can wipe out the colony within 7 days.

3. ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel – Irresistibly Deadly to Cockroaches

  • The Active Ingredient is Fipronil 0.031%, a type of bait that’s proven to be irresistible to cockroaches. 
  • Fipronil works by first paralyzing the nervous system of the cockroach. In most cases, the cockroach is still able to make it back to its hiding place where it will eventually die. 
  • The poison will be passed on to the cockroaches that eat the dead cockroach.

4. ZAPS Whitefence – Dual-action Cockroach Killing Formula

  • The Active Ingredients are Imiprothrin and D-T80-Cyphenothrin; ZAPS Whitefence has 2 functions: To keep cockroaches away from your area and to kill them on the spot.
  • Apply the foam in entry points and in areas frequented by cockroaches. The foam will vanish within 10 minutes but will create a “protective whitefence” that will keep cockroaches away.
  • Cockroaches that enter the whitefence will die within a few minutes.
  • ZAPS Whitefence will continue to kill cockroaches for 15 days.

Putting It All Together – How To Use ZAPS To Pest-proof Your Business

Not sure what your pest problem is? Don’t take chances and address all potential pest problems!

Here’s how to apply our ZAPS pest management products at your restaurant, shop, or office.

Step 1 – Flush 2 pieces of ZAPS Teme Tablet down the toilet to destroy all larvae before they become adult mosquitoes and flies.

Step 2: Place ZAPS Ant Granule in popular foraging areas such as the pantry, the kitchen, storage areas, near cracks on the wall, inside lockers and cabinets, and in locations where ants have been spotted. 

Step 3: Apply ZAPS Ultra Prime Gel in the same areas as ZAPS Ant Granule. Squeeze out small amounts and inject them inside wall cracks, under the refrigerator and washbasins, on the corners of every wall, underneath sofas, and behind types of furniture that are located near walls. 

Step 4: Apply ZAPS Whitefence at entryways, windowsills, around trash cans, alongside the walls; behind movable shelves, racks, and cabinets, floor area facing storage for utensils, underneath shelving tiers in the stockroom and countertops. 

One important thing to remember about ZAPS Ant Granule is that you will see MORE ANTS in your area during the first 2 days.  When you see this, DO NOT SPRAY.

The ants are bringing the granules back to the colony. If you spray, the size of the colony will become noticeably smaller to the Queen Ant and she will start to lay eggs – as much as 3,500 eggs per day!


ZAPS pest control products give you a way to manage the pest problem at your place of work without having to spray toxic aerosol insecticides that only act as a band-aid and will only serve to inconvenience your customers. 

You only need to apply ZAPS pest control products once and see immediate results the effect of which will last for weeks. 

ZAPS insecticides are very easy to use and you don’t have to worry about making a mess or staining your floors. 

If we had ZAPS back when I was running a restaurant, we’d probably still be operating today!

Protect your business and customers now. Head over to our website – www.pharmcle.ph/shop – and buy your stocks of ZAPS products.

If you have any questions about our products and how to use them for your business, you can email us at info@pharmcle.ph.

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